The Eshrite are the most common ethnic group in the region of Eshre, which they are named after. They are a semi-nomadic Alzardi people with a strong influence of Grey Men blood, sharing a distant ancestry with the Grey Men of the Kowez tribe.


As befitting their strong Kowez ancestry and living in harsher, dry sun-blasted lands, the Eshrite are a darker-skinned folk with skin of a faded greyish brown. Their hair is black or dark brown and usually worn short or shaved. Their Alzardi ancestry is betrayed by the stubby ridges many of them display on their brow and, in some cases, their hands and feet. Very few Eshrite grow the plates associated with the Alzardi. Eshrite have thick brow, generous eyebrows and the long face typical of the Kowez. They, likewise, share a very similar build.


The people of Eshre are a relatively simple lot organized in a collection of loose cities usually found along the rivers of their lands. Their life is a hardy one due to their environment being harsher than the lands to the east. Hard work, vigilance and seriousness are prized Eshrite virtues. At worst, this can make some Eshrite populations come off as aloof and closed off to outsiders but their reasoning is justified as they share a land with the Tanshar and the Delnerite. Eshrite have a strong, but subtle martial culture: they don’t go around parading or praising their martial prowess yet hold professional soldiers to both high esteem and standards. As a result in many Eshrite cities, the opinion of a veteran of several wars and struggles can be given nearly the equal social prestige to that of a noble.


In addition to the usual local customs and beliefs which are so commonplace on Xioquen, the Carriers have a strong importance in Eshrite culture, as does paying homage to those who are deemed the pillars of society to the Eshrite. Scattered across the hills of their shrublands, the Eshrite have built simple tombs where they bury their ancestors.


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