By many accounts, there would be many creatures which would be classifiable as ‘monsters’ which love on Xioquen yet are completely natural creatures. On Xioquen, the wildlife is often large, dangerous and alien. Monsters are thus these creatures which are truly out of the ordinary, albeit possibly common. Something does not need to be rare to be unnatural or weird.

The Empty

The sky of Xioquen is frequently lit by unnatural storms, said to be the very forces of magic and cosmos being in flux. When these storms occur nearby, all sentient beings tend to head for cover as being exposed to it can induce madness and mutation. The worst of these mutants are called the mad, the empty and are born from those killed by the storms. Their corpses become a ‘snag’ for cosmic flaws and impossibilities. Their faces, torso or stomach inverts, turning into an ever-shifting gulfs of entropy. These creatures are neither alive nor dead. Most are cowardly despite their hunger, especially when freshly ‘born’ and will flee to dark and twisted places. The same storms which created them, however, ignite their fury and may lead them to attack settlements.


Called a variety of things in a variety of languages, the ogres of Xioquen are a form of lesser mutant at best and twisted Misbegotten at worst. Most people on Xioquen have a complicated ancestry with ties to the ancient empires of long-lost eras. Strange things lurk in someone’s blood and sometimes a child is born with strange features. These children grow large and strong. Some are as smart as their peers but others are clumsy brutes. It may be best to call this the Ogre-Spectrum: at the low end are what are essentially humanoids with a form gigantism, some with birth defects other just strangely large and muscled. At the other absolute end are monsters, vile atavism with obscene size and features with minds wracked by madness or with the intelligence of a child.


Often seen as savage, goblin-like creatures, the Wildmen (as the name implies) live exclusively in the wilderness of Xioquen. Their exact appearance varies but most are only vaguely human-like in shape. Wildmen, while sentient, are a degenerated lot, more beast than human. Most breed have short lifespan and the intelligence of a child at best and that of a clever ape at worst. They lack the grey skin of the Grey Men and the vestigial plates of the Alzardi meaning they may very well be closer to baseline human stock than one may initially think.


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