The Carriers

A major, or at least commonplace, force in the lives of the various people living in Eshre (and to a lesser extent Nenshar), the Carriers take it’s name from it’s priests who are water carriers. In the dryer land of the west, where rain only occur one season per year and found only in rivers, water is a precious resource and is seen as sacred. Water is life and is craved upon by the Dry Ones who emerge from the Endless Desert.

Carriers are traveling priests, healer, exorcist and wise men. While the first of the Carriers certainly believed in and served a specific god, the exact details have been lost. Nowadays, Carriers adapt their teachings to whatever is best suited to the communities they assist. Only in more insular city-states do their beliefs become more orthodox. These communities are usually built around some underground source or oasis. Carriers travel in caravans, trading, teaching, healing and sometimes slaying monsters and impure spirits. When two caravans cross path, they exchange new ideas and teachings. Carrier Priests wear blue and frequently tattoo their faces with blue symbols associated with water and purification.

There are a few universal teachings to the Carriers beliefs:

  • Water is sacred. As a result, spoiling water is considered a crime worthy of a few lashes at the very least. Activities which spoil water must be consecrated by a priest. This include bathing.
  • Creatures of the Uncreated Night, the undead and the mutant are impure. Carriers frown ancestral cults, which tend to worship spirit of ancestors directly, preferring to teach a more passive or indirect form of worship. All bodies are thus either burned or left outside if the corpse belonged to someone deemed impure.
  • The Carriers pay homage and encourage the worship of local deities, some which may be actual entities with limited but credible power. In an odd twists, the priests are known to convert deities to their faith!

The Carriers

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