Delner are also known as the mutilators or the mutilated folks. Native to the edge of Eshre, where it meet Keh-Zeh, Delnerite are practitioners of the Sorcery of Renouncement, which is entirely centered around self-sacrifice and mutilation. This practice, which double as a religion, is the very foundation of Delnerite society.


Delnerite have skin in shade of copper to copper-green, with a few having some greyish tint to hint due to stronger Kowez ancestry. Delnerite have hair in shade of light green to dark green as well as shades of brown, which they wear in large braids. Their eyes are copper orbs. They are of medium heigh and build, with flat noses and wide mouth. The exact appearance of each Delnerite vary according to its social caste and what it has sacrificed.


Delnerite are paradoxically a culture with intense social stratification and mobility at the same time. Each Delnerite children is raised communally and they receive a decent education by the standards of western Xioquen, learning to read basic words and to count. When a Delnerite reach puberty, they are forced to make a choice and to renounce and sacrifice a part of themselves. The larger the sacrifice, the more prestigious the position which they will keep for the rest of their lives.

  • Sacrifice of Identity: The worst sacrifice one can make and usually not by choice, unless one wish to atone for a childhood of misbehaving. This sacrifice is inflicted upon those who commit shameful act and turn to a life of crime (which is possible at a young age because children exist outside of the social castes). They are lobotomized and given to the sorcerer-priests as ‘spare flesh’. Many of the battle-beasts of the Delnerite were once misbehaving youth.
  • Sacrifice of Self-Ownership: The most common sacrifice is one of self-imposed slavery. The Delnerite offer his service to another, usually of higher social caste, where he will spend the rest of his life serving him. His face is carved with the personal mark or name of his master. Covering said mark is punishable by death. Most jobs such as farmer, fishermen and craftsmen are part of this social caste.
  • Sacrifice of Pain: Mutilating his nerves, the Delnerite join the rank of professional soldiers, who feel little to no pain and be recognized by the lines of scars on their limbs and faces. As soldiers ascend in the ranks, they are chemically treated to encourage their scarred flesh to grow the bony plates the Alzardi people can grow.
  • Sacrifice of Sexuality: By removing sexual organs and/or imbibing mixtures which kill all sexual drive, the Delnerite ascend to a caste of civil servants, free from the risk of putting sensual need before their duty. Those who intend to make this sacrifice are sometimes require to produce a child before committing to this sacrifice to ensure their line continue. The child is then given up and adopted by another family. This also, incidentally, reduce inbreeding.
  • Sacrifice of Flesh: By removing a major organ or limb, the Delnerite is given access to the caste of the sorcerer-priests and taken into the larger mysteries of the Sorcery of Renouncement. This also ensure people are suitably terrified of sorcerers, due to them lacking limbs, a face or even in some cases skin entirely.
  • Sacrifice of Life: The greatest sacrifice one can make is ritual self-sacrifice. The Delnerite as a necrocracy, where the dead ruler over the living as god-kings. An outsider may wonder why Delnerite don’t simply just all kill themselves to become undead but this ritual is steeped in cultural traditions and expectations. It is not an easy ‘life’, as one is expected to work as an undead bureaucrat and assistant for centuries before ascending to the higher ranks. Those who fail to meet expectations are destroyed and Delnerite religion claim that those destroyed as undead cease to exist entirely.


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