The Nensharite are the south-western people of Xioquen, who descend from the Zeymedean and travelers from afar, who emerged centuries ago from the Night Roads in the endless desert. They are somewhat unique on Xioquen due to their beliefs.


The Nensharite are dark-skinned folks, as befitting their descent from unaltered (or at least not altered beyond normal human appearance) Zeymedean stock as well as old Akeh stock of the Polyarchy of Kham, like the Ancalian, who are very distant relatives of them. They are a tall people of slim lines, with men often topping six feet and women averaging a little more than five and a half. Large, bushy beards are fairly common for the men. As befitting their more human roots, they often lack the uniform colored eyes of the Grey Men and Alzardi.


Nensharite are a relatively insular people known for building simple but large cities on the open plains of the southwest. The size of their cities is primarily because Nensharite tend to cultivate their fields and orchards inside the safety of their walls, as large predatory beasts are known to prowl their lands.


Nensharite religion is rather unique in Xioquen as they are the only truly monotheist people left. Other cultures may worship a specific god as a city or tribal patron but the Nensharite are exclusively monotheist, recognizing only a single, omnipotent (albeit rather absent these days) god, which they sometimes call Olbanshar (or Lord). It is not to say Nensharite refuse to believe that beings such as Parasite Gods or Godbound exist, merely that they are simply very powerful beings but in no way truly divine. Monastic life is a strong factor in the daily life of the Nensharite, who frequently use the service and goods (such as wine or cheese) provided by the monks who, in turn, administer religious service.


The people of Nenshar aren’t particularly technologically advanced, especially compared to their distant Ancalia cousins. This is in part because their land is rather poor in the materials used to build various technological devices. As a result, they’ve adapted to the simpler life which can be lived thanks to what resources are provided by their land. In particular, various exotic trees and plants in their land are used and alchemically hardened to create weapons and armors, as are animal hide and ivory.


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